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Informed choice

It’s good that the conversation with my current psychiatrist is actually a proper dialogue. We talk about what matters – to both of us. I’ve made it clear that I’d like the normality of knowing a little more about his … Continue reading

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From humble beginnings….

They say a week is a long time in showbusiness and I’m inclined to agree as we near a year since myself and Keely launched The Mental Blocks. Even being able to name Keely is a huge step forward from when … Continue reading

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Unconditional positive regard

On Sunday evening whilst you were tucked up in bed I was finishing a course I’ve helped deliver in California. There have been 3 modules of 5 days and with this commitment of time also comes the chance to really … Continue reading

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Coyote Medicine

“A stranger in a strange land” – that was me last week, 6 days in California will do that to you, leave you confused, bamboozled and yet somehow curiously uplifted. I knew what I was getting in to as I … Continue reading

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As Easter Mondays go it was one of the more inspiring and enlightening. In truth I hadn’t noticed the day when I booked the tickets. Something that a number of us must have been guilty of, including our host Dara … Continue reading

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I made the call as requested. Spoke to the HR manager with a brief outline of available dates. I was surprised that it was such a rush job, that wasn’t the impression I’d been given by the senior manager who … Continue reading

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May the 4th be with you

Last week I read a great post by Sukh Pabial called “A leap of faith”. In it he talks about conflict and the importance of voicing a “third side” in order to allow warring parties to see another viewpoint. He … Continue reading

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