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Home Alone

In response to my post “The All Request Show” the ever supportive Margaret Burnside asked me to write about the “discipline of working for yourself/from home”. Well as you can see Margaret, I may not be the best person to … Continue reading

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The Professionals?

Today’s blog post is in response to a challenge by David Goddin (@changecontinuum on twitter). He is an excellent and thought provoking coach and so it’s no surprise that his question should have exercised my mind so much. David asked … Continue reading

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Rocket science is easy

Today’s post is in answer to my recent challenge to readers to provide me with subjects. Emma @onatrainagain (do check her out on twitter) asked me “What helps you, either professionally or personally to clear and free your mind to … Continue reading

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The All Request Show

I started writing a blog in order to do a couple of things order my thoughts (because I’m always bubbling away about something or other) share some tips and tricks get feedback from people practice my writing So far it’s … Continue reading

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The Adjustment Bureau

Here’s a question. “Do we control our destiny or do unseen forces manipulate us?” This question is posed on the back of my copy of the movie The Adjustment Bureau. If you haven’t seen the movie it starts from the … Continue reading

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Acting on purpose

My week started with the funeral of my friend John. If you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ll know that he was a kind and generous man. More than that though, over the course of the day I met … Continue reading

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