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Across the divide

I’m not a fan of division, of excluding others and forming cliques, of social inequality or discrimination. When I work I try to bring a variety of views in to the room. For example when delivering mental health training I … Continue reading

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Whither goest thou?

There have been a raft of articles of late predicting the end of Twitter. Predominantly it seems because of its failure to make enough money for shareholders (though recent changes to the system such as moving to hearts for liking … Continue reading

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(What’s so funny ’bout) Peace, love and understanding

I never ask HR for a detailed briefing of whatever grievance / disciplinary process / argument that got out of hand (delete as appropriate) that I have been asked to mediate. It’s not that I don’t care but in all … Continue reading

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Safe space, great sharpies

I like getting feedback, it helps me calibrate and assess myself. It requires me to be continually objective¬†about what I do and the impact I have. I tend to say that it keeps me “honest”.¬†My work is almost entirely by … Continue reading

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It’s ten years ago,  I didn’t even realise until late tonight that it’s the anniversary. I remember rocking, my head banging against the wall, I recall the hysterical crying, the blurred vision and the noises in my head. I know … Continue reading

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