About Project Libero

I’m a coach and NLP Master Practitioner specialising in frontline operational staff. I do a whole bunch of work around health and resilience to enable people to get the best out of themselves. I’m blogging to allow me to order my thoughts and share some of the good stuff with other people who may not get a chance to meet me and work with me.

1 Response to About Project Libero

  1. una says:

    Great article “sage place and great sharpies”. I work as a trainer in a corporate setting; I’ve a background in coaching. I’m currently working with a group where there is huge mistrust and some challenging individuals. Management hope that 12 hrs training will solve their issues when I know that at least person needs to be told honestly that their behaviour is inappropriate. I think sometimes mgt hide see training as the quick fix. I ramble. I just wish for this group that I can help them to safely see the influence their individual behaviours and negative mindset is having on the team and how much support they could give each other if they put dropped the blame culture.

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