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Behind the numbers

I’m a great believer that you can’t manage / inspire / lead a person with a graph. Time and time again I’ve seen people’s eyes glaze over in meetings as charts are analysed, dissected and assessed. However it’s probably a … Continue reading

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I made the call as requested. Spoke to the HR manager with a brief outline of available dates. I was surprised that it was such a rush job, that wasn’t the impression I’d been given by the senior manager who … Continue reading

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Ability + Compassion

So that’s it then, 7 days of pretty detailed and involving training are completed. All that remains is to carry out a couple of courses and then the stabilisers are off. I’ve blogged after every module of the Mental Health … Continue reading

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When I first started training to be a coach I was obsessed with having the right question, a killer enquiry which would lead to a huge breakthrough for the client. I was sold on the idea that there would be … Continue reading

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I’m writing this from a crowded train after an exhilarating ride through London’s busy streets. Unfortunate to have a training course in the middle of a strike but actually my enforced ride on a “Boris Bike” was a good way … Continue reading

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