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It’s ten years ago,  I didn’t even realise until late tonight that it’s the anniversary. I remember rocking, my head banging against the wall, I recall the hysterical crying, the blurred vision and the noises in my head. I know … Continue reading

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Unconditional positive regard

On Sunday evening whilst you were tucked up in bed I was finishing a course I’ve helped deliver in California. There have been 3 modules of 5 days and with this commitment of time also comes the chance to really … Continue reading

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  I raced down the hill trying to stay close to Jo’s back wheel. He’s fast, far faster than me but also kind enough to drop back and help me slipstream him┬áto join the others because he knew that I … Continue reading

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As Easter Mondays go it was one of the more inspiring and enlightening. In truth I hadn’t noticed the day when I booked the tickets. Something that a number of us must have been guilty of, including our host Dara … Continue reading

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Wait and see

I’m glad that the NHS generally still refers to me as a patient. True, every once in a while I’m a “service user” and I “access care” for my mental health but when it comes to my knee injury they … Continue reading

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It’s been a tough couple of weeks inside my head. Regular readers will know that I’ve started a course of therapy to help me better deal with the challenges around my mental health and I’ll be honest, it’s not been … Continue reading

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Seven spaces

Almost 2,500 years ago Confucius wrote a text known as The Great Learning. In it he talks about what it takes to be a leader. The central theme is that a great leader must understand themselves first before attempting to … Continue reading

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