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Informed choice

It’s good that the conversation with my current psychiatrist is actually a proper dialogue. We talk about what matters – to both of us. I’ve made it clear that I’d like the normality of knowing a little more about his … Continue reading

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Unconditional positive regard

On Sunday evening whilst you were tucked up in bed I was finishing a course I’ve helped deliver in California. There have been 3 modules of 5 days and with this commitment of time also comes the chance to really … Continue reading

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Coyote Medicine

“A stranger in a strange land” – that was me last week, 6 days in California will do that to you, leave you confused, bamboozled and yet somehow curiously uplifted. I knew what I was getting in to as I … Continue reading

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They looked at me, then again at the flip chart and then back to me. They were confused. I understood their dilemma, here they were on a leadership and management course and I was asking what their supernatural aid might be, who they could … Continue reading

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I like cricket. There, I’ve admitted it. I can’t take it back. It’s too late now. Which begs the question, what is it that I like about the game? Well for starters I like the tactical side of it, it’s … Continue reading

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Stronger together

One of the joys of the world wide web (and in particular social media) is the ease with which you can read widely and get to see articles you wouldn’t ordinarily come across. Last week I read one such article, … Continue reading

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I made the call as requested. Spoke to the HR manager with a brief outline of available dates. I was surprised that it was such a rush job, that wasn’t the impression I’d been given by the senior manager who … Continue reading

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