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Coyote Medicine

“A stranger in a strange land” – that was me last week, 6 days in California will do that to you, leave you confused, bamboozled and yet somehow curiously uplifted. I knew what I was getting in to as I … Continue reading

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They looked at me, then again at the flip chart and then back to me. They were confused. I understood their dilemma, here they were on a leadership and management course and I was asking what their supernatural aid might be, who they could … Continue reading

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I guess I was one of the few people in the audience to raise my hand when Katherine Sleeman asked us who wanted to die. (I should explain for the avoidance of doubt that I didn’t mean imminently, just eventually). However … Continue reading

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This is the second in my mini series of blogs inspired by the Imagine Medicine event at Easter. Hacking, it’s everywhere these days, you can barely move for people in those Guy Fawkes masks (far more successful than the film … Continue reading

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