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Pedantry or precision?

I notice the small stuff, the gaps between things and where the edges are. It’s a useful skill to have as a coach. Helping me see the holes in a person’s narrative, the places where they are scared to admit the … Continue reading

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Coyote Medicine

“A stranger in a strange land” – that was me last week, 6 days in California will do that to you, leave you confused, bamboozled and yet somehow curiously uplifted. I knew what I was getting in to as I … Continue reading

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Stronger together

One of the joys of the world wide web (and in particular social media) is the ease with which you can read widely and get to see articles you wouldn’t ordinarily come across. Last week I read one such article, … Continue reading

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I’ve read that innovation is slowing, that we’ve invented most of the big things. From here on in the inventions will merely be refinements of existing knowledge or technologies. I was interested recently to come across the term “Imaginaut”. Regular … Continue reading

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Emptying my pocket

Monday saw me at a loose end. My therapist had to cancel and I was left with a hole in the middle of my carefully crafted morning. Rather than waste the time I decided to use it for some reflection, … Continue reading

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Blank page

There’s a story from the early days of the space race in the 1960s. When NASA started recruiting they were unsure of what conditions the astronauts would face. To that end the applicants were put through a battery of medical … Continue reading

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Why I do what I do


The short film I made to explain how i got in to coaching and why i do it.

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Making movies

Last week I finished editing my first film. It came out of an idea to explain more of what I do as a coach, how I do it and what led me to work in this field. It’s been well … Continue reading

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