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From humble beginnings….

They say a week is a long time in showbusiness and I’m inclined to agree as we near a year since myself and Keely launched The Mental Blocks. Even being able to name Keely is a huge step forward from when … Continue reading

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Thoughts become things

My thoughts are slippery, tricky things. Ideas come and go across my mind all the time. In clinical terms my thought patterns are described as “Knight’s move” thinking (after the chess piece), me, I tend to describe it as having … Continue reading

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Pedantry or precision?

I notice the small stuff, the gaps between things and where the edges are. It’s a useful skill to have as a coach. Helping me see the holes in a person’s narrative, the places where they are scared to admit the … Continue reading

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They looked at me, then again at the flip chart and then back to me. They were confused. I understood their dilemma, here they were on a leadership and management course and I was asking what their supernatural aid might be, who they could … Continue reading

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As Easter Mondays go it was one of the more inspiring and enlightening. In truth I hadn’t noticed the day when I booked the tickets. Something that a number of us must have been guilty of, including our host Dara … Continue reading

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I like cricket. There, I’ve admitted it. I can’t take it back. It’s too late now. Which begs the question, what is it that I like about the game? Well for starters I like the tactical side of it, it’s … Continue reading

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They or We?

There have been some interesting contrasts in my work recently. Beyond the obvious differences (facilitation versus coaching for example) I’ve noticed a more subtle demarcation. One of the organisations I was working in apparently had a strange, nebulous group of … Continue reading

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