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Forget resolutions, live by your values

I hope you all had a relaxing and rewarding Christmas. I enjoyed being “off air” for a few days, away from the internet and email. Having said that, I actually had to work briefly on Christmas Day. I’ve worked Christmas … Continue reading

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Language is overrated, be resourceful instead.

It’s been a hectic few days, lots of research and reading, so much I think my head may explode. This busy period has been compounded by spending time with extended relatives from Italy. This is fun in and of itself, … Continue reading

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Strong and challenging marmalade

So far the internet has let me down, I’ve consulted people who were there but the collective memory is weakened by the intervening years, oh and the the fact that we were probably still drunk when we came downstairs that … Continue reading

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Stories we tell ourselves

This week I was intending to write something about values and beliefs but the comments in response to last week’s blog got me thinking that I had to write a companion piece on stories. Particularly the stories we tell ourselves, … Continue reading

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Stories that speak to us

In the last year I’ve noticed a real trend amongst my coaching clients to reference movies and their characters. Sometimes it’s been uplifting true stories such as The Blind Side, other times it has been a wholly fictional piece such … Continue reading

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and so it begins

Well I’ve been toying with writing a blog for a while but couldn’t seem to get going. Then I had the kind offer of a guest appearance on someone else’s blog (thanks are due to and that has inspired … Continue reading

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