On air

One of the joys of working for myself is the option to choose my contracts and my colleagues. Being a “one man band” means that I do need to team up with other freelancers in order to deliver some pieces of work. I’ve been lucky to find some great people via social media and I’m pleased with the projects we have delivered for a variety of clients.

Some of the work I’ve done has been alongside Bev and Kate of the Clear Thinking Partnership. They are very interested in collaboration and how people can work better in teams and organisations. In order to research this they have been interviewing colleagues on Google Hangouts – this week they asked me to contribute my perspective.

Now it’s fair to say I’m self conscious on camera at the best of times and being interviewed doubles that discomfort so it’s a testament to Bev’s question technique that I felt comfortable talking about collaboration. It was a tough ask but I knew I could trust Bev when we went out on the air. I won’t spoil the content but I hope you find my example useful.

My final point is that whilst I wasn’t a fan of the hangout as a mechanism, there are so many tools now available to help people create, edit, share and record content that you’ll easily find one that works for you. Give it a whirl and see where it takes you – hopefully in to some great collaborative work.


About Jon Bartlett

I'm a coach, blogging on things that occur to me, that I want to share and any other fun stuff I find lying around in the real world.
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One Response to On air

  1. Eddy Smerdon says:

    I love the image at the top of your wordpress page.

    I’m interested/intrigued in the Hangout mechanism.

    And I am enjoying a strong feed of content provoking some deep reflection at the moment (whilst Alex is connecting with her family over here) – Your blog, Caitlin’s work around her book ‘From contempt to curiosity’, and exposure non violent communication (youtube etc).

    Hope you’re well

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