For what it’s worth

Ok world I need your help.

I’ve been talking recently with a couple of fellow coaches about what stops people investing in coaching. We’ve discussed relative worth, perceived value, fear, lack of understanding – all things that a coach can discuss with potential clients and hopefully ease their concerns about. We’ve shared some great stories (my favourite being the potential client who was “desperate” for some help but couldn’t commit to a morning’s worth of coaching for £300 choosing instead to buy some shoes) but I’m still not completely sure that we’ve captured everything.

And that’s where you come in.

I’m going to make you an offer. I’d like to give you 30 minutes of coaching. It could be a bit more or a bit less timewise, I’m relaxed. I’m not going to charge my standard rates, I’ll do it for say, a hot chocolate, or a muffin, even a pint of beer if that takes your fancy. Or maybe you’d like to sponsor my charity bike ride for a suitably small sum – whatever you choose I’m talking no more than £5 and not payable directly to me. In return for that you get some speedy coaching so please bring a specific issue you want to work on. It can be work or home, anything you want! If you fancy knowing a little more about coaching before we meet, take a look around the blog and maybe watch my short film.

The catch? Well, at the end I’d like to ask what you think the barriers to people adopting coaching are. It’s that simple. Feel free to tell your friends and I’ll try to fit in as many as possible.

The small print? In person this is limited to the London area. As time is of the essence in this idea some flexibility may be necessary on appointment timings, also in order to offer this to lots of people I’ll probably travel by bike so will be casually dressed rather than suited (though I promise not to wear lycra). I hope I can leave venue choice up to you so long as there is somewhere to lock my bike / park a boris bike. STOP PRESS this can now be offered on a limited basis via phone in addition to the London details below

It’s only open for the days

  • 23rd April in the SW postcodes.
  • 25th April in the centre of London (think Boris Bike area).
  • 26th April SW postcodes and Richmond /Twickenham though there is some flex that day
  • 27th April back in the centre of London.

So that’s it folks. Take a look in your diary, think of an issue you want coaching on and get in touch via the usual channels of my website, the comments here or on twitter.

P.S. Thanks are due to @ailsasuttie & @stirthesource for inadvertently starting me on this line of thinking. Follow them, they’re great!

About Jon Bartlett

I'm a coach, blogging on things that occur to me, that I want to share and any other fun stuff I find lying around in the real world.
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