The Anonymous Artist

On Wednesday I went to London to a “Leapday” event organised by Doug Shaw. There were a group of people gathered from a variety of backgrounds, some I knew already, some I didn’t. We did a few different things during the day, much of it focussed around the role of art in both business and life. Doug had suggested I bring my camera and record a bit of the day and my original intention was to make a photoblog that captured the palpable energy and spirit of the day, and then this happened.


Now we were a pretty eclectic bunch and it’s true that the event was held in a very friendly cafe cum health food shop but when this chap arrived in his wheel chair we all assumed he was known to one of us. He was handed a few pencils by one of our number and proceeded to join in and draw. I was down the other end of the tables and was struck by his intense concentration. I knew I had to capture his face, the years of experience and the warmth he seemed to exude. I saw his hands, struggling to hold the pencils and saw that it was difficult yet he was resolute and focused. He stayed for a while and then his wife finished her shopping and before we knew it he was gone. He left behind a beautiful image of an oystercatcher.


He left me with something more than that though. A sense of openness, warmth and vulnerability. Such a powerful lesson, so thank you sir, whoever you are. I hope you never stop drawing and whilst we may not meet again I will always remember you.

(Thanks to @shottty for the oystercatcher pic which the man drew on his pad)

About Jon Bartlett

I'm a coach, blogging on things that occur to me, that I want to share and any other fun stuff I find lying around in the real world.
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3 Responses to The Anonymous Artist

  1. Doug Shaw says:

    Cool post thanks. Jonathan spent time chatting to this proper gent and his wife. I think the feller was in the air force at some time. Great pictures – do share the link to your flickr stream once on line please.

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